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In today's global economy, more and more companies find themselves in disputes that cross geographical borders. Even in China, more and more companies find themselves are involved in internatinal arbitration and litigation. These disputes inevitably involve differences in cultures and legal systems, and this Beijing Law Firm's International Arbitration and Dispute Practice helps clients bridge that gap.
Our Beijing lawyers leads the International Arbitration and Dispute Practice to a new era in China. Our attorneys are well equipped to guard against conflicts with their corporate clients. Attorneys at this Law Firm serve as arbitrators on leading international panels, with experience representing clients in business and financial disputes around the national.

The world of international law can be a daunting place. Conflicting judicial systems, different languages, cultures, and economic and political climates create significant obstacles to resolving international disputes. Arbitration provides an efficient, neutral means of resolving international disputes, but for those unfamiliar with it, the arbitration process can be confusing to navigate.

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Located in Beijing, we are a business law firm and one of our focus is to help entrepreneurs implement practical legal steps to achieve their business goals. With extensive experience launching startups and advising small businesses, we serve as outsourced general counsel to entrepreneurs who seek opportunities to add value to their business ventures and ways to reduce their risk of litigation.
We understand that your choice of business attorneys seems endless.  The right business attorney, however, will not only help solve your legal problems, but will also play a key role in ensuring its success.  It is with this understanding that we commit our energy and experience to serving our clients’ interests and to resolving their legal concerns.

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Intellectual Property Licensing is an important area of expertise of our lawyers. Intellectual property (IP) licensing issues are critical to the success of business activities of almost every company, regardless of size or industry. Whether a company is licensing rights to others or negotiating for a grant of rights from others, Morgan Lewis assists clients to address the myriad of issues involved in the sophisticated licensing agreements common in today’s global economy. From drafting software or technology licenses to negotiating agreements that address the exploitation of worldwide brands, our attorneys provide clients substantive expertise in patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and technology to help meet a client’s immediate business objectives and to anticipate broader enforcement and related issues.

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Attorneys in our Beijing lawyer's  Entertainment Litigation practice have helped shape the industry through their representation of motion picture, television, video, animation, interactive game and software developers, producers, publishers, distributors, talent, investors and others. We have tried and won numerous precedent-setting cases before judges and juries in state and federal courts. In addition, we are skilled in handling arbitrations, mediations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, and actively provide litigation-avoidance counseling to our clients.

We bring creative and interdisciplinary approach to each matter that ensures our clients will benefit from our comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the many laws and regulations that impact the entertainment industry.

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