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In Business, it is crucial for each party to protect their interests. It is for this reason that business interests sometimes conflict and create a legal issue and potential litigation. When you find yourself in such a situation, Our Beijing lawyer has the expertise and experience to make sure your best interests remain protected.

We represent clients in all areas of business litigation, including:
• Contract Disputes
• Partnership Dissolution
• Unfair competition and False Advertising
• Fraud
• Trademark Infringement
• Debt collection

Whether you are filing a lawsuit against another party or being sued, it is important to work with an experienced business lawyer to protect your rights. We are aggressive litigators and trial lawyers that will advocate on your behalf. We will carefully research and honestly assess your case so you can make the most practical business decision.

Our diligence allows us to advocate with complete confidence that we only pursue your best interests. That is why we are not afraid to let you know when you should settle or take a case to trial. We will clearly tell you the advantages and disadvantages of various litigation strategies, and guide you through the complexities of litigation in order to meet your needs. We will help you to achieve your objectives and resolve your disputes while minimizing your potential liability and costs.

A long record of winning cases is the hallmark of our law firm’s trial practice. With over fifteen years of courtroom experience, we try virtually all types of business and other civil disputes including employment, contract, shareholder, real estate, construction, probate, and complex personal injury cases. Unlike many large firm counterparts, who are often fixated on dragging out lengthy and expensive discovery and motion practice, our firm seeks prompt resolution of disputes by aggressively and judiciously preparing cases for trial. While it is true that at least 90% of civil cases settle before trial, being prepared and willing to go to trial maximizes settlement results. Our firm’s passion is for the highest level of excellence in courtroom advocacy and we routinely achieve the results to prove it. Our attorney also utilizes the latest technology in case management and presentation software to maximize efficiency and to ensure our clients receive the most cost-effective and high-impact service possible. Whether in state or federal court, before an administrative agency or pursuing alternative dispute resolution via mediation or arbitration, our experienced and focused trial team repeatedly outmaneuvers larger, less flexible, and more expensive firms.

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Unfortunately, there are too many instances of illegal employment actions in Beijing, China. There are extensive laws, however, designed to protect employees against financial and emotional harm. Protecting the rights of the work force is a privilege that we take seriously. If you are a former or current employee who has suffered either financially or emotionally at the hands of your employer or co-workers, we can help you obtain the just compensation you deserve.

There are many types of adverse employment actions. For example, you may have been terminated or retaliated against for being a “whistleblower”, reporting the wrongdoings of your employer or an account to any authority. In many instances, employers flaunt their wage and hour obligations by mischaracterizing non-exempt employees as exempt to avoid paying overtime, and some employers avoid paying overtime all together. We are equipped to handle claims of wrongful termination and or retaliation, gender, race, age, and disability discrimination, sexual harassment, and wage and hour violations.

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Beijing Divorce litigation refers to a legal action that occurs when two parties want to get a divorce and cannot agree on the terms of the divorce. Some type of divorce litigation occurs in every country that recognizes divorce. Certain countries, such as the Philippines, do not recognize divorces at all, and thus no divorce litigation exists.

When divorce litigation is permitted within a country, the divorce cases are usually handled by a family court. This is a court of limited jurisdiction that handles only family law cases, as opposed to criminal or civil cases. These courts specialize in dealing with divorce-related matters and can give more time and attention to a divorce case than a standard court could, due to the backlog of cases and the need for swift justice.

Litigation in the event of a divorce occurs if the divorcing spouses cannot come to a settlement agreement on their own. If the divorcing spouses can negotiate an agreement, no litigation need occur. The divorce lawyers simply draft the agreement, the court reviews and approves it, and the divorce is finalized by the court.

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China's legislature has approved revisions to a key criminal law that will restrict police powers to secretly detain people, at least on paper.

The changes to the criminal procedure law were the most high-profile ones approved Wednesday on the last day of the annual National People's Congress. The Communist Party-controlled body also approved the budget for this year that calls for a boost in domestic consumption to keep the economy expanding while overseas markets remain weak.

Some scholars have welcomed the criminal procedure changes, saying they will offer better protection of suspects and reflect increasing awareness in China of the need for stronger detainee rights, although enforcement of many laws in China is spotty.

Detentions in unofficial locations such as hotels or guesthouses in China are well-documented. Last year many people -- from renowned artist Ai Weiwei to rights lawyers and petitioners -- were illegally held in locations away from formal detention areas, sometimes for months.

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