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This Beijing law firm focuses on business litigation and international arbitration, and does not specialize in any one practice area. We have experience litigating a wide range of civil, business and commercial disputes including, but not limited to: contracts, fraud, fraudulent transfers, trade secrets, non-compete agreements, tortious interference, business disparagement, misrepresentation, real estate, real estate fraud, fiduciaries, statutory interpretation, negligence, declaratory actions, government immunity, deceptive trade practices, conversion, constitutional issues, jurisdiction, and venue. The Firm also does appellate work.

Finding the right Beijing attorney can be difficult. You want someone with the necessary experience, education and training. You want someone who is reliable and dedicated to your case, someone who will fight for you. But you also need someone who is frank - someone who will give you straight answers. If you need a lawyer, This Beijing Law Firm may be able to help. Our firm has experience representing a wide range of businesses, professionals, and individuals. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. Although the firm only represents clients based upon written agreements, we do offer a free, initial, in-office consultation.

The attorneys, paralegals and all of the administrative and support staff at our Beijing law firm are dedicated to providing each client with effective and high-quality, timely and efficient solutions to their legal needs and disputes.

We believe in open and candid discussions on topics with clients, including project staffing, hourly and project billing rates and costs, accessibility and the timing of project completion or service delivery. This Beijing law firm is pledged to providing each client and matter with the staffing appropriate and cost-effective for successful and timely completion. We actively promote the use of properly supervised paralegals to ensure that this undertaking is not merely an aspiration.

Finally, all of our professionals are supplied with the highest quality, up-to-date technological support to maximize their accessibility and to leverage their legal skill and expertise through the use of cost-effective solutions. Our lawyer's mission is to provide our clients with legal services built on a foundation of dedication, quality and integrity. We accomplish our mission by:
• Leveraging our experience, strengthened by more than 15 years of service to clients.
• Personalizing our approach with each client to grow with them into the future.
• Assembling the appropriate legal team recognized for excellence in multiple disciplines.
• Aggressively working to understand the unique challenges facing each client to provide the best quality solutions and efficient service.
• Anticipating the needs and exceeding the expectations of each client.

Our lawyers speak English, and we are experienced in China law. These two points make us the best choice if you want to hire a Beijing lawyer.

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The lawyers from this Beijing law firm always answer my questions promptly. I think promptness, prudence, loyalty are the most important character for lawyers. If possible, I would like to work with you again, although I don't want to get involved in lawsuit anymore.!

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