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Who Are Our Clients

Our clients are mainly foreign companies and foreign nationals. When they encounter legal problems in Beijing, they need legal service from Beijing lawyers who can speak English. Most Chinese lawyers don't or speak very little English, but most of our lawyers are trained in UK and US and therefore we speak better English. When first creating the Beijing lawyer network we asked our customers what they needed. They told us the following:

  • They wanted access to highly-qualified, experienced and reliable English-speaking lawyers;
  • Being in unfamiliar territory abroad, they told us that they also wanted extra assurances regarding fees and service levels
  • And of course, they wanted all of this at the best possible price.

A Completely Unique Service

It makes sense that most English-speakers feel vulnerable when making legal decisions abroad. Legal decisions tend also to be important financial decisions and are made all the more difficult by an absence of benchmarks to compare service providers.

Beijing lawyer has developed free tools that provide our customers with unique evidence and guarantees on the integrity and effectiveness of the law firms on our network. In this way our clients can feel as comfortable as they would making the same legal decisions at home.

We should reiterate that these extra safeguards are provided at no additional cost to our customers. They are included in the standard legal fees charged by the lawyers we recommend - lawyers who have passed the competitive pricing test we have introduced as a necessary pre-requisite to becoming a member of the Beijing lawyer network.

Guaranteeing Legal Costs & Services in Beijing

By using a legal document known in China as a ‘hetong’ you can be protected against the possibility of any future increases in agreed fees. This legal document identifies the parties involved in the agreement and then sets out:

  • the precise services to be provided by the lawyer,
  • the exact fee to be charged and
  • the payment method and time-frame.

The document is signed by the lawyer and the client and so becomes legally binding. The fees may not be increased at a later date without the express agreement of the client. Furthermore, the lawyer is legally bound to carry-out the services in the manner and to the extent agreed in the legal document.

In keeping with our goal of providing complete transparency, a copy is made available in English and explanatory notes can be downloaded which ensures that the agreement is fully understood. This is the ONLY way to legally guarantee legal fees and service levels in Beijing and Beijing lawyer is unique in offering this as a standard feature.

Lawyers Officially Regulated by Chinese Law Societies

All lawyers on the Beijing lawyer network are registered and regulated by their local Law Society and are consequently covered by professional indemnity insurance coverage. As a client of Beijing lawyer you will receive a ‘Lawyer Fact Sheet’ which details the latest official registry information regarding your lawyer. The fact that your lawyer is currently registered also serves as proof that they have not been subject to any serious disciplinary procedures.

The information provided by the ‘Lawyer Fact Sheet’ is obtained directly from ‘Red Abogacia’, an independent electronic portal developed by the General Council of Chinese Law Societies and which is the most up-to-date register of practicing lawyers in Beijing.

How We Ensure Lawyers' Levels of English

By speaking individually with each and every lawyer we are able to personally gauge their level of English and suitability for the provision of legal services in English.

Providing A National Service

Our network of recommended lawyers now extends to most major population centres as well as smaller urban centres in the major Mediterranean coastal resort areas including the Balearic and Canary Islands.

Ensuring Our Services Are Competitively Priced

By implementing the fee structure recommended by the Local Law Societies in Beijing we can ensure that the fees charged by the lawyers are within the normal and average guidelines. 

It is notable that quotations for legal services in Beijing can vary by 100% or more for exactly the same standard services which is why we only seek qualified and experienced professionals that are able to offer competitive pricing. Furthermore, with the agreement of our customers, we are continuously monitoring fee quotation levels to make sure they conform with average price levels.

So, if you...

  • Would be reassured  that your lawyer is registered and regulated by their local Law Society
  • Would like to expect your lawyer to speak English,
  • Would like to be in control of legal costs with an up-front, legally-guaranteed fee proposal,
  • Would like to know exactly which services you are entitled to, and guaranteed to receive,
  • Would like to feel relaxed knowing that your lawyer is covered by professional indemnity insurance,

... and pay exactly the same price as others pay without getting these safeguards, then Beijing lawyer should be your first call when managing your legal affairs in Beijing.

It's Easy To Get Legal Advice Via Beijing lawyer

  • Arranging legal services via Beijing lawyer couldn’t be easier. Simply contact us today by telephone, Skype or email.  What happens then?
  • We discuss the matter with you first and arrange for a quotation and lawyer fact sheet to be sent to you - normally within 24 hours.
  • Should you wish to be contacted by your lawyer to discuss your case and the options available to you we can arrange that as well – at no cost to you.
  • If you decide to go ahead, Beijing lawyer will ensure you benefit from a legally binding agreement regarding the lawyers’ fees and services for extra security.

And that's all there is to it!

Our experienced Beijing lawyers can assist your business in Beijing and provide you the practical solution for your business. Our law firm is listed and referred by UK and New Zealand embassies in Beijing. In the international level, we also have our strategic networks overseas e.g. law firms in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. We work internationally and specialize in China laws.

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