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Why should companies prioritize working with boutique and regional law firms?

We are regional boutique Beijing law firm. There has been a fundamental paradigm shift in the way legal services are provided that started in 2007 and 2008 as the economy started to tank, and then 2009 and 2010 as it continued to tank. Rather than trying to pare down the number of providers, companies are definitely expanding and looking for alternatives, mostly for cost. They want cheaper alternatives.
The environment that we came from—the big law firms we worked at—frequently had a philosophy of “we will win at any cost.” And they were quite effective at winning. But the whole idea that “we will win, and the cost doesn’t matter” is not ringing true with companies anymore. They don’t want to just win—they have a budget. They need to win within that budget.

Our top priority is to provide exceptional service. We want your entire experience with our firm to be a positive one. That is why we make a point to know you and your business. We offer practical advice catered to you and we remain flexible to accommodate your specific needs.

Here is our Beijing lawyer work with foreign national as our clients:

Initial Consultation

We offer an initial consultation, without cost, to develop an understanding of your individual issues and determine an appropriate course of action.

Cost Estimate

Before we begin our work for you, we will provide an estimate of all costs. Even if the job requires more work than initially determined, we will stay within the parameters of that estimate.


We will submit our finished work for your review and approval. If necessary, we will make changes until you are completely satisfied with the finished product.

Technical Expertise

The attorneys at the Zarley Law Firm combine legal experience with advanced technical knowledge to effectively communicate across many industries. We use common sense, experienced judgment and innovative approaches to format a successful intellectual property strategy for you.

Professional Staff

Our attorneys are supported by a professional staff, utilizing modern information systems to monitor and maintain your records. These records are reviewed and analyzed at regular intervals to ensure you receive optimal results from your intellectual property.

What advantages do boutique and regional firms have compared to large global firms?

A smaller regional firm, in some senses, may be more appreciative of the business of a new client. It might not be a huge US$20 million dispute; it might be a smaller dispute. A huge megafirm doesn’t want that small case. They really can’t afford to litigate it effectively; they’ve got bigger fish to fry. A small firm like us is very appreciative of any kind of business. We will really bend over backwards to be responsive and do a good job so that we can get the next case, the bigger case.
A smaller firm like mine that has less overhead can afford to work on a smaller matter that a big firm cannot afford to work on. From the business side, that lets companies test-drive us on a smaller matter. A company like, say, Mcdonalds or Yahoo!, can hire us to handle an employment dispute for them where there may not be tons of money at stake. They can see how we do, get to know us and how we work, and then maybe be more comfortable with hiring us for the bigger case down the road. With a bigger firm, you don’t have the opportunity to test-drive the lawyers like that because they only want the big US$10 million case. You’re really just kind of buying the brand name.

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The lawyers from this Beijing law firm always answer my questions promptly. I think promptness, prudence, loyalty are the most important character for lawyers. If possible, I would like to work with you again, although I don't want to get involved in lawsuit anymore.!

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