How to set Up a Resident Representative Office in the People's Republic of China

Our overview briefly sets out the law and procedures relating to the registration and operation of a resident representative office ("representative office") by a foreign enterprise in the People's Republic of China ("PRC" or "China"). The information contained herein is based upon our Beijing lawyer working experience with and understanding of relevant PRC legislation which is publicly available as of 1 March 2012.
This overview is not intended as an exhaustive discussion of the establishment and operation of a representative office in the PRC, but rather to provide general information for reference purposes. As Chinese law is evolving rapidly, readers are advised to seek further information and legal advice when considering the establishment of a representative office in the PRC.

Advantages of a China Representative Office
1. Although a China representative office cannot directly carry out business in the country, it can help its parent company create income from sources inside China.

2. A China representative office can function as a liaison between the parent company's headquarters and related industries in China.

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