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14 Mar 2012 by in Company Formation
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Located in Beijing, we are a business law firm and one of our focus is to help entrepreneurs implement practical legal steps to achieve their business goals. With extensive experience launching startups and advising small businesses, we serve as outsourced general counsel to entrepreneurs who seek opportunities to add value to their business ventures and ways to reduce their risk of litigation.
We understand that your choice of business attorneys seems endless.  The right business attorney, however, will not only help solve your legal problems, but will also play a key role in ensuring its success.  It is with this understanding that we commit our energy and experience to serving our clients’ interests and to resolving their legal concerns.

Our Beijing business lawyer helps start-ups and small business owners with forming their companies and as their outside general counsel so they can focus on successfully running their business.  We develop extensive knowledge of our clients’ businesses and legal needs and often become an integral part of their executive team.

Some of the specific business legal services we provide include:

  •  strategic legal entity formation to not only get your business started, but to help ensure its long term success;
  •  prepare bylaws, board minutes, and other corporate documents;
  •  contract negotiation and drafting, such as membership, purchase, and service agreements;
  •  shareholder, partnership, and employee equity and compensation agreements;
  •  purchase and security agreements and promissory notes;
  •  trademark and copyright registration and consulting;
  •  franchise and affiliate agreements;
  •  business registration, licenses, and permits;
  •  dissolving companies and resolving co-founder disputes; and
  •  advice on any of the concerns that confront a business each day.

A few examples of some of the transactional business law projects we work on:

  • Strategically select the type of entity and create the legal framework for a wide variety of companies from a watch company to a crowd-funding platform that combines sustainable products with a personal investment in the individuals who make them.
  • Draft and negotiate service agreements for numerous businesses, from an events planning firm to a software development company.
  • Draft terms and conditions and privacy policies for websites.
  • Apply for trademarks.
  • Dissolve companies, including a mobile technology company and a creative design partnership.
  • Advise clients of their rights under copyright law.
  • Register companies incorporated in other states to do business in California.
  • File and publish fictitious business name statements.
  • Advise clients on the proper response to cease and desist letters, including letters for allegedly infringing on trademarks  for allegedly stealing trade secrets from a former employer.
  • Draft exclusivity agreements, including an agreement for the development of new cosmetic products.
  • Negotiate a variety of agreements, such as deals with daily coupon companies and licensing agreements.
  • Prepare independent contractor and internship agreements.
  • Review and prepare stock purchase agreements for both employers and to recommended provisions to enhance purchasers’ rights.
  • Prepare joint venture agreements, including agreements for the development of iPhone applications.
  • Draft purchase and transfer agreements for the sale of businesses.
  • Prepare resale certificates and seller’s permits.
  • Advise clients on their rights and responsibilities under franchise agreements.
  • Draft production agreements, including a neighborhood street festival.
  • Prepare legal documents for the merger of two companies.
  • Draft membership agreements, including for a business referral network
  • Planning equity compensation for a company, including resolving election issues.
  • Draft product warranty and return policies.
  • Draft non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements.

Our Business and Corporate Attorneys

We also help our clients with a specialty in early-stage tech startups. Since 1995, our attorneys have helped many small to mid-sized businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and executives throughout Beijing – several thousand in all. We are experienced: nearly every business and corporate lawyer in our law firm has at least 10 years' experience as a practicing attorney in Beijing. Our attorneys represent entrepreneurs, founders, executives, and owners - and the companies they lead - as well as individuals dealing with such companies. We do not represent VCs. Our three major practice areas in corporate law consist of startup business law, small business law, and commercial litigation.

Startup Business Lawyers

Our startup business law practice occupies a unique niche in Beijing. For over two decades, our law firm has represented early-stage startup business clients that sought to bypass the one-size-fits-all representation of the large law firms. Our focus has always been on founders, not VCs, and we have long been what many regard as the law firm of choice for founders in some industrial zone. We respect VCs but we do not represent them or hold interests in them that can potentially conflict with those of our client companies.

Our attorneys have in-depth experience in dealing with startup business issues at formation - founder arrangements , company setup timing issues, equity incentives, restricted stock grants, and securities law compliance, among others (including the Delaware question, cheap stock and capitalization questions, work-for-hire issues, and election issues) – and with the intellectual property or IP issues that are often critical to a typical startup business in the technology field. We handle not only the corporate and IP but also the business tax aspects of all such issues, including the corporate and strategic advice that will guide your startup through the legal complexities of an early-stage business. Our lawyers likewise have taken many early-stage startups through preferred stock and other funding rounds with bridge investors, strategic investors, angel investors and VCs and have carried many of them right through to acquisition.

Our intellectual property expertise is strong and embraces the full range of arrangements for IP protection, IP licensing, and IP development, including trademark, copyright, and trade secret matters, as well as distribution, OEM, VAR, dealer, E-commerce and Internet issues, and strategic alliances.

Many lawyers today claim to be specialists in startup business law. Our lawyers have the lengthy track record and the client base to prove it.

Small Business Lawyers

Our roots lie and remain with small business owners even as we have come to specialize in early-stage startup business law. Our small business legal services include: forming business entities, such as a corporation or LLC; selling or merging business entities, such as an asset or stock sale; handling corporate work of all kinds and advising on corporate maintenance; drafting, reviewing, and advising on contracts of all kinds, including commercial leases and standard terms; employment and contractor issues and counseling; trademark and other intellectual property matters; Internet law; and commercial deals of all kinds. In small business matters, we do everything from spot projects to acting as outside general legal counsel for our clients. We handle the full range of small business legal matters, however large or small.

Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Our commercial litigation practice is broad and varied and includes all areas of law in which we represent startup and small business clients. In the lawsuit area, our attorneys handle all forms of business, corporate, and partnership litigation, all forms of contract disputes, most forms of employment litigation (mostly from the employer side), business fraud, unfair competition, trade libel, contract lawsuits, trademark and copyright infringement and intellectual property litigation generally, trade secret disputes of every type, IP licensing disputes, injunctions, writs of attachment, lease and other commercial property disputes, partner and shareholder fights, corporate, partnership and LLC dissolution lawsuits, mediation, arbitration, Beijing commercial litigation generally, whether in state or federal courts.

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