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The majority of the cases handled by the lawyers of this Beijing Law Firm are divorce cases. Divorce is a highly challenging area of law due to the complex legal and emotional issues which are involved. Consequently, whether you are the spouse filing for divorce or the spouse responding to a divorce action, it is critical that you have the right representation.

Because of the expense involved, and the relationships with children which are often involved, our lawyers' primary goal is to get our clients through the divorce process as efficiently as possible given the particular circumstances of the client. Our Beijing divorce lawyers recognize the importance of negotiation and attempting to settle divorce related-matters, and encourage our clients to do so in every case. Often a divorce case can be resolved through informal negotiations. In many cases, however, a more formal approach is necessary. In such cases, mediation is used to effectively resolve disputes.

Although an attempt will always be made to resolve a divorce through settlement, our lawyers also recognize that in many cases, divorcing spouses simply cannot agree on the terms of their divorce. As a consequence, these cases must go to trial. In such cases, our lawyers have the experience necessary to effectively pursue our client's interests in the courtroom.

Our divorce lawyers believe that a party to a divorce can only be effectively represented if they are constantly informed of the progress of their divorce, have quick and easy access to advice and information, and are included as a working part of the divorce process. As a result, our communications with our clients, the depth at which our clients are informed, and the overall quality of our relationships with our clients is something in which our lawyers take great pride. 

When you are dealing with the prospect of a divorce or legal separation, it can be one of the most stressful times of your life. You may be facing financial uncertainty or issues concerning child custody, visitation and support. In some cases, you may be the victim of domestic violence and in need of an order of protection. You need a Beijing divorce attorney you can trust, someone who will take the time to understand you, someone who will be responsive to your needs and desires, and someone with a proven record of results in contested divorce cases.

The decision to end a marriage is one of the most difficult and wrenching you will face. Seeking advice from a knowledgeable divorce attorney, as early as possible, will go a long way toward preserving your long-term financial and emotional health as you move toward a new future. At this Beijing Law Firm, we take the time to understand your financial, intellectual and emotional needs. In addition to being highly trained advocates, we are experienced trial lawyers. That means we possess the skill and experience necessary to protect your rights and advocate for your interests in negotiations and in the courtroom.

We work hard to resolve issues short of litigation, but we are also fully prepared to aggressively represent you every step of the way. Whether you are facing an amicable uncontested divorce or a contested divorce involving disputes over money, property, division of assets, spousal maintenance (alimony) or child custody, we know what it takes to successfully represent you. Clients come to this Beijing Law Firm when losing is not an option. Remember, this may be your first divorce, but it isn't ours. Contact us today for a consultation with an attorney with real experience resolving contested divorce matters in Beijing and surrounding areas.

You will mainly fact the following problems in divorce cases:

Divorce and Separation

Spouses who wish to pursue divorce in Virginia have different grounds for filing a Complaint for Divorce, namely, desertion, cruelty, adultery, and no-fault. The lawyers at this Law Firm advise clients on how to obtain the most efficient and equitable resolution of the dissolution of their marriage.

Child Custody and Visitation

This Beijing law Firm represents clients in mediation, arbitration or in court on child custody and visitation cases. Beijing courts determine child custody and visitation rights based on the best interest of the child(ren). This Beijing Law Firm will exhaust every reasonable alternative to litigation when custody and visitation are at issue; however, if litigation is necessary, we will use all tools at its disposal to insure that the children's best interests are fully protected.

Child Support and Alimony

Child support is determined through published guidelines based on income. Spousal support (alimony) is subjective and is based upon many different factors including:
• The length of the marriage
• The established standard of living
• The custodial parent’s need to stay home
• Decisions that affect a spouse’s earning capacity
• Monetary support from other people
• Debts incurred by the family or for the production of income
• Tax consequences
Our firm recognizes that financial issues attendant to divorce are often complex, and are always crucial to our client, whether the payor or the recipient. This fact is always kept paramount as we assist our clients through the rocky terrain of a divorce.
The firm also handles modifications of support if a spouse’s finances undergo a material change, as well as spousal support matters. 

Division of Property

China family law differentiates between marital property and separate property. Marital property is divided equitably, i.e., in a manner the court determines is to be fair. Our divorce lawyer fully appreciates the importance of locating, classifying and valuing all assets which comprise the “marital estate.” The Firm takes great pride in its ability to understand and satisfy all of the crucial nuances of Beijing’s complex equitable distribution statute.

We believe we are the best in handling divorce and custody matters. For each case we make the following committments:

  • Excellent communication through email, office consultations, written correspondence, and phone messages.
  • Honesty in our billing services. You are given monthly billing statements.
  • Excellent service which spells dependability. You will be given the time estimate on preparing lawsuits and settlement agreements. We work hard to resolve conflicts outside of the legal courtroom but are prepared to litigate for our client when required.
  • Skilled advocacy. We will give you the right advice you can rely on.
  • Integrity in the legal process. We respect the rights of all parties and will maintain the highest ethical standards.

Our Beijing divorce lawyer is helpful and friendly. We maintain the hightest degree of professionalism.

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