Intellectual Property Licensing Law Practice of Our Beijing Lawyers

13 Mar 2012 by in Intellectual Property
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Intellectual Property Licensing is an important area of expertise of our lawyers. Intellectual property (IP) licensing issues are critical to the success of business activities of almost every company, regardless of size or industry. Whether a company is licensing rights to others or negotiating for a grant of rights from others, Morgan Lewis assists clients to address the myriad of issues involved in the sophisticated licensing agreements common in today’s global economy. From drafting software or technology licenses to negotiating agreements that address the exploitation of worldwide brands, our attorneys provide clients substantive expertise in patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and technology to help meet a client’s immediate business objectives and to anticipate broader enforcement and related issues.

Our lawyers regularly:
• Negotiate and draft complex agreements to obtain, protect, commercialize, and license technology and computer-related IP rights.
• Negotiate and draft complex copyright development, transfer, and licensing agreements.
• Draft online and electronic commerce contracts, disclaimers, legends, and privacy policies.
• Draft and negotiate computer software and hardware licenses and transfers.
• Intervene on behalf of both licensors and licensees regarding their respective rights subsequent to the bankruptcy of either party, and whether a particular license (especially IP licenses) can be accepted or rejected and otherwise enforced in the bankruptcy context. In particular, the firm focuses on crafting language in licensing agreements which cause a reversion of the rights granted under the license upon the licensee's breach or bankruptcy, rather than simply relying on a claim for damages.
• Crafted licensing agreements covering master recordings for major record label which included anti-piracy provisions, especially in relation to internet promotions.
• Review and provide counsel regarding millions of dollars worth of software and hardware licenses for a major motion picture studio.
• Represent a number of entertainment and technology companies in content licensing agreements, many of which include anti-piracy provisions.
• Represent an inventor and his joint venture company in licensing patents for a novel advertising mechanism.

At this Beijing law firm, we assist our clients with identifying, assessing and protecting their intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets, and copyrights.

Our lawyers, who are licensed to practice before the Patent & Trademark Office, have substantial experience assisting clients in developing effective strategies for the development and protection of intellectual property.

In addition, our lawyer provides international resources and experienced attorneys to assist clients in developing, protecting, and profiting from their trademarks. The Trademark practice group represents domestic and international trademark portfolios for clients in a broad range of industries including oil and gas, healthcare, telecommunications, computer hardware and software, food service and manufacturing, and publishing. Our lawyers work closely with clients during the process of selecting brands and securing registrations in China and abroad. Our attorney is dedicated to helping clients make cost efficient choices while developing trademarks with strong potential for longevity, dominance, and flexibility.

Our lawyers also counsel clients about domain name registration and use, meta tag use, the rights of privacy and publicity, and other issues that can be triggered by online activities. We also provide guidance regarding unfair competition issues that can be triggered by advertising practices such as comparative advertising, product disparagement, and quality claims.
We routinely advise clients in copyright and related matters and have a proven litigation record in the area of copyright law. We have successfully represented a variety of software companies, computer companies, Internet content providers, performing arts societies, museums, and various corporations regarding copyright issues.

Our attorney has significant experience in the law of trade secret misappropriation, unfair competition, covenants not to compete, nonsolicitation agreements, and "departing employee" disputes. We frequently counsel clients regarding their transactions and business activities that relate to these areas of the law.

Our founding attorneys received law degrees with a concentration in the law of intellectual property: the particular concerns surrounding the law and litigation of copyrights, trademarks, and patents. Our clients are artists, performers, authors, and software developers whose work deserves all the protections available under intellectual property law.

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