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In today's global economy, more and more companies find themselves in disputes that cross geographical borders. Even in China, more and more companies find themselves are involved in internatinal arbitration and litigation. These disputes inevitably involve differences in cultures and legal systems, and this Beijing Law Firm's International Arbitration and Dispute Practice helps clients bridge that gap.
Our Beijing lawyers leads the International Arbitration and Dispute Practice to a new era in China. Our attorneys are well equipped to guard against conflicts with their corporate clients. Attorneys at this Law Firm serve as arbitrators on leading international panels, with experience representing clients in business and financial disputes around the national.

The world of international law can be a daunting place. Conflicting judicial systems, different languages, cultures, and economic and political climates create significant obstacles to resolving international disputes. Arbitration provides an efficient, neutral means of resolving international disputes, but for those unfamiliar with it, the arbitration process can be confusing to navigate.

Our International Arbitration Practice has repeatedly been recognized as preeminent in its field. Founded more than a decade ago, the Practice is a pioneer in international arbitration and now has more than 20 practitioners in offices national wide.

We advise clients operating under virtually any legal system, both common and civil law, on every step of the dispute resolution process—from the drafting of dispute resolution clauses to the conduct of proceedings, through to the enforcement of arbitral awards. Based upon our direct experience, we can recommend suitably qualified arbitrators and expert witnesses. We also advise on alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, and can provide guidance on the best dispute resolution options in any given situation.
We can help and you will get protected— whether you are a business, individual, government entity, or other organization. Our attorneys have represented and advised clients across the world in international arbitrations ranging from business and investment disputes to personal injuries. Our multi-cultural, multi-lingual lawyers have experience in hundreds of arbitration proceedings in virtually every major arbitration forum in the world:

Our strength in international arbitration across Europe, the Middle East and Asia is recognised by clients, directories and the international arbitration community. We offer a top-quality service across our international network, providing advice in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Across our network we have:

  • a keen understanding of local arbitration venues and institutional rules
  • a cultural and linguistic diversity which reflects the international nature of arbitration
  • particular expertise in high-value, complex arbitrations in the financial institutions , energy and infrastructure , TMT and life sciences sectors.

So, whether you are facing an arbitration in Hong Kong against a French co-venturer in an energy project under English law and UNCITRAL rules, or a telecommunications dispute involving Russian and Swedish parties in Stockholm using SCC rules, we have the right Beijing international arbitration lawyer team to advise you.

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