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14 Mar 2012 by in Labor & Employment
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This Beijing law firm's Labor and Employment Practice strives for excellence in client service. For many years, our lawyers have helped clients negotiate the ever-changing landscape of national and local laws that govern the workplace. We get to know you, your business, and your industry, and assist you in devising solutions to employment problems that affect the efficiency and productivity of your workforce.
No other law firm has this law firm's experience in dealing with virtually every type of labor and employment issue that confronts a business. Whether you are an emerging or established business, we partner with you to achieve a competitive edge in the full range of labor and employment law issues that affect your "bottom line." From financial services to pharmaceuticals to entertainment – to name only a few – we understand your industry and its needs. From the conference room to the courtroom, we can help you with it all – employment counseling and single-plaintiff litigation, complex employment and employee benefits litigation, single-employer and industry-wide collective bargaining, Department of Labor matters, intellectual property disputes, and intricate employee benefits matters. Our lawyers have the experience that you need – and the commitment to excellence – to make it possible for your business to achieve its goals.

With over 15 years of labor and employment experience and a strong class action practice, our Beijing employment law attorney is recognized as one of the leading firms in labor and employment law.  Our lawyer represents clients before local and national courts, in arbitration, and before administrative agencies and other forums. We also assist clients in their efforts to avoid litigation, including counseling on every aspect of employment law. 

If an issue arises concerning the workplace, chances are that we have dealt with it. Our attorney assists clients in:

  • Civil rights charges and litigation
  • Management-union relations
  • Affirmative action
  • Corporate transactions, restructuring and downsizing
  • Employment benefits litigation
  • Employment contracts
  • Foreign employment laws
  • Foreign investor compliance with China law
  • Miscellaneous labor and employment laws
  • Public sector employment issues
  • Safety and health
  • Wage-hour and other labor standards
  • Whistleblower charges and litigation
  • Wrongful discharge and employment tort litigation

Now we highlight some of our featured practices.

Collective Bargaining

One of the most challenging issues companies face is collective bargaining.  Collective bargaining agreements establish wages, hours, promotions, benefits, and other employment terms, as well as procedures for handling disputes arising under the negotiated employment terms and conditions.  As companies face economic challenges, negotiating wage and benefits issues with unions can sometimes become acrimonious.  Our attorneys have negotiated union contracts with most of the major unions for more than 15 years.

The keys to a successful negotiation are developing bargaining goals and preparing bargaining proposals, developing and implementing bargaining strategies, including multi-employer bargaining, and analyzing the union’s bargaining action plan and preparing defensive tactics. When a company is successful in negotiations, a collective bargaining agreement can safeguard a company’s labor costs, maintain and contribute to company profits, and ensure the organization’s competitive edge.

Grievance and Arbitration

Collective bargaining agreements generally have grievance and arbitration provisions that provide swift and relatively inexpensive dispute resolution.  Our Beijing attorneys work with clients to analyze the impact of grievance, select  arbitrators, develop arbitration strategies, and prepare, present and argue the company’s case.  Our firm has experience with arbitrators across the country -- a significant benefit to the arbitrator research and selection process.

Labor Actions

In the event of unsuccessful collective bargaining a union may initiate any one of several labor actions to try to gain leverage. Should the union decide to strike, our attorney can guide companies through the strike preparation process by developing a plan that will help keep operations running and ensure business continuity.  Our lawyer is well-versed in using available remedies through the sports union and courts to prevent and address illegal strike activities, including mass and secondary picketing. Our lawyer’s extensive experience in strike management can help our clients minimize the impact of union strike activity.

We offer legal advice to employers through the many laws that impact on every aspect of an employer’s decision and ability to develop and implement a comprehensive preventive labor relations program. Our lawyer has been retained to offer legal advice to many employers who have succeeded in winning labor union elections or in averting union elections altogether. Our labor attorneys have represented clients in thousands of matters before arbitrators, mediators, the National Labor Relations Board, city labor boards, government agencies, and labor and employment arbitration tribunal and courts. On a daily basis, we offer legal advice and counsel to employers regarding corporate campaigns, neutrality agreements, union organizing, protected concerted activity, contract negotiations, grievance and arbitration proceedings, unfair labor practices, traditional and third party economic activity pressures (such as picketing , bannering or hand billing), and public appeals, including social media sites, work stoppages, purchase/sales, reductions and reorganizations, as well as the entire range of pre- and post-hire employee relations issues.

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