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15 Mar 2012 by in Labor & Employment
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Unfortunately, there are too many instances of illegal employment actions in Beijing, China. There are extensive laws, however, designed to protect employees against financial and emotional harm. Protecting the rights of the work force is a privilege that we take seriously. If you are a former or current employee who has suffered either financially or emotionally at the hands of your employer or co-workers, we can help you obtain the just compensation you deserve.

There are many types of adverse employment actions. For example, you may have been terminated or retaliated against for being a “whistleblower”, reporting the wrongdoings of your employer or an account to any authority. In many instances, employers flaunt their wage and hour obligations by mischaracterizing non-exempt employees as exempt to avoid paying overtime, and some employers avoid paying overtime all together. We are equipped to handle claims of wrongful termination and or retaliation, gender, race, age, and disability discrimination, sexual harassment, and wage and hour violations.

Our Beijing labor and employment lawyers have extensive experience:

  1. Advising clients with respect to both routine and complex discrimination issues and, when necessary, defending employers in discrimination litigation in state and federal courts and before arbitration panels. 
  2. Advising clients on difficult senior executive transition and retention issues, including advice on separation negotiations and litigation concerning such matters as disputes over “good reason” contract provisions. 
  3. Advising and litigating restrictive covenant cases involving non-compete, non-solicit and trade secret claims, cases involving forfeiture of stock awards for breaching such agreements, and all manner of other employment-related claims. 
  4. Providing expert advice on a broad spectrum of employment matters, including workforce restructuring, compliance with complex domestic and foreign statutes, independent contractor and Fair Labor Standards Act classification and related wage and hour issues, investigations of employee complaints, resolution of particular employee situations, creation of employment agreements and severance arrangements and international issues. 
  5. The Firm also has deep experience in traditional labor law, providing specialized labor counsel in connection with mergers and acquisitions, assisting non-unionized clients in addressing issues under the National Labor Relations Act, responding to labor disputes that may or may not directly involve clients, and providing representation to employers with unionized workforces, including negotiation and administration of labor contracts and representation of clients in labor arbitrations.


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