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13 Mar 2012 by in Legal Counsel
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Serving as General Counsel, our Beijing lawyer is responsible for the provision of all legal advice, counsel and representation for matters involving the client or matters within the official responsibilities of any officer or employee of the client, except for legal matters stipulated otherwise. The provision of services by external legal counsel will, subject to the exceptions, be arranged through the General Counsel to protect the client’s legal interests. External legal counsel should be retained in a focused and cost-efficient manner that meets the needs of the full range of users within our client.

The purpose of Beijing  lawyers serving as company's general legal counsel is to indicate how and when external legal counsel is to be retained, and to promote the efficient and effective use of services provided by external legal counsel.

Having the experience of being chief counsel for two other major institutions, our Beijing lawyer is convinced that the retention of a number of key outside legal firms, rather than retaining in-house lawyers, is the most effective model to responsively organize and operate the legal affairs for an organization that is growing and advancing.

As we observe, Large in-house legal departments tend to become insular and lose perspective of what is happening in the law and with competitors since by their very nature in-house attorneys only serve one client. Because most law firms provide counsel to a broader base and audience their ability to provide cutting-edge advice, especially in the area of healthcare which is constantly changing, is paramount. Fixed costs are kept at a minimum.

Law firms are chosen carefully with special consideration on breadth of expertise and responsiveness. A point of contact within the outside firm is established and legal work is coordinated effectively and efficiently through that point of contact with our lawyer as General Counsel.

This Beijing law firm acts as outside general counsel for small businesses, overseeing the full range of client legal needs and finding the right colleagues to assist where appropriate. We provide clients with a wide range of legal services and flexible billing options. Our goal is to understand your business so that we can quickly and efficiently provide general counsel services to meet your company’s business objectives.

As experienced Beijing business attorneys, we are here to serve almost any type of business transactional need that your company may have, and we’re only a phone call (or e-mail) away.  One advantage of having an external general counsel is that we can serve as a single point of contact.  If there are services that we don’t provide directly, such as public offerings of securities, we can work with external counsel to ensure that experienced legal counsel is obtained for the specific need of the company.

Outside counsel expenditures are generally the single largest category of expense for a law department.  Successful outside counsel management programs go beyond managing hourly rates.  We assist our clients in developing programs focused on delivering sustainable savings and improved results through the management of a range of cost and value drivers. Our Beijing attorney has helped numerous clients consistently achieve cost savings through the use of our proven methodologies and deep expertise.  We advise our clients consider the following factor when retain general outside legal counsel services:

• Analyzing current outside counsel spend to identify drivers for external legal services, understand how firms are being used and the costs associated with the current model
• Guiding the client team to think differently about strategies around the overall use of outside counsel, staffing, tasks, rate structures and financial management
• Developing an outside counsel sourcing model that optimizes resource utilization and workload allocation
• Creating and implementing a preferred provider program focused on developing strategic partnerships with key law firms including identification, evaluation and selection of firms
• Providing industry knowledge and benchmark information to guide the establishment of creative and value based rate structures that promote sharing of risks and rewards
• Enhancing business processes and leveraging technology to allow in-house and outside counsel to work together in a truly collaborative manner, translating into improved overall legal service delivery to the business client
• Establishing a framework and the supporting operational and financial guidelines to consistently manage law firm compliance
• Developing actionable and reportable performance metrics to increase accountability and promote tighter management of legal spend

Retain our Beijing attorney as your general outside counsel, and our lawyers will protect your interest and success in Beijing.

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