Serving as General Counsel, our Beijing lawyer is responsible for the provision of all legal advice, counsel and representation for matters involving the client or matters within the official responsibilities of any officer or employee of the client, except for legal matters stipulated otherwise. The provision of services by external legal counsel will, subject to the exceptions, be arranged through the General Counsel to protect the client’s legal interests. External legal counsel should be retained in a focused and cost-efficient manner that meets the needs of the full range of users within our client.

The purpose of Beijing  lawyers serving as company's general legal counsel is to indicate how and when external legal counsel is to be retained, and to promote the efficient and effective use of services provided by external legal counsel.

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The lawyers from this Beijing law firm always answer my questions promptly. I think promptness, prudence, loyalty are the most important character for lawyers. If possible, I would like to work with you again, although I don't want to get involved in lawsuit anymore.!

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